Cheap VPS Providers

This short page will list the cheapest and most reliable VPS providers that we could find to recommend on our site for hosting or deploying your web services and such. For now, we have only one solid recommendation which is RackNerd. We summarize their most interesting KVM VPS offerings below:

Offerings sorted by monthly price

CoresRAMSSD StorageMonthly BandwidthMonthly PriceLink
11.0 GB17 GB3.0 TB0.92$Link
12 GB30 GB2.5 TB1.42$Link
22.5 GB50 GB5.0 TB2.13$Link
32.5 GB50 GB6.5 TB2.19$Link
33.5 GB45 GB7.0 TB2.42$Link
23.5 GB60 GB6.0 TB2.99$Link
24 GB80 GB8 TB3.24$Link
44.5 GB115 GB10 TB4.38$Link
48.0 GB100 GB5.0 TB7.42$Link
46.0 GB140 GB6.0 TB7.92$Link
48.0 GB200 GB8.0 TB11.25$Link

Higher performance (based on an AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU, and NVMe storage):

CoresRAMSSD StorageMonthly BandwidthMonthly PriceLink
11.5 GB30 GB2.5 TB1.59$Link
22.0 GB40 GB4.0 TB2.42$Link
23.0 GB55 GB6.0 TB3.75$Link

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Their KVM VPS offerings are available in the United States:

CityTest IP
Dallas, TX198.23.249.100
Chicago, IL198.23.228.15
New Jersey192.3.165.30
San Jose, CA192.210.207.88
New York192.3.81.8
Los Angeles204.13.154.3

They recently added another location in Strasbourg (France), although they charge 0.5$ per month more for it (Test IP:

The buying experience

We must note that using the card payment method while accessing their website through VPN or Tor will result in suspension and a refund of your order unless you provide them personally identifiable information (including but not limited to: a selfie holding an ID card, a screenshot of the payment receipt from your online banking account) or choose to pay with cryptocurrency or Alipay. They use Stripe for processing their payments, and it will flag your payment when doing it through a VPN or Tor. Subsequent attempts at payment with that card will get rejected based on our experience.

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